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LightLift 26.14 Performance IIIS models.

The new AGM battery features a charge maintainer

with start-&-stop technology, which only powers the

motor when a movement is actually being performed,

thus resulting in considerable energy savings.

The MK2 version includes a new configuration option

for the LightLift 17.75 Performance IIIS model: the Honda

iGX390 petrol engine with a 3.15 cc pump guarantees

maximum efficiency and reliability.

There is also a new and even more powerful battery

charger, as well as LED stabilization lights for reduced

energy consumption.

With regard to the articulated structures, the new

LightLift models also guarantee the same level of tech-

nical quality that all Hinowa customers have come to

expect from this Italian manufacturer.

The high-strength steel parts guarantee exceptional

stability during use, while the pantograph and hydraulic

control systems (the latter of which features components

of the latest generation) ensure a faster and more precise

handling of the aerial parts, thus allowing the operators

to work with a degree of smoothness and precision that

was never before possible.

With regard to the power units, in addition to the

endothermic engines, the new LightLift models are also

available with a zero-emission 110-220 volt elec-

trical system (4.8 kW/h for the LL17.75 version,

and 7.2 kW/h for the LL20.10 version), powered

by a lithium-ion battery pack, which guarantees

unparalleled performance in terms of noise,

environmental impact, and autonomy. Hinowa

has been pioneering the use of battery packs

with lithium-ion technology on aerial platforms

since 2008, and was proposing these types solutions

long before the technology became so widely available

on the market.

In a side note during the presentation of the

company's sales network, Hinowa's president, Dante

Fracca, stated:

"The new LightLift models have completely

redefined Hinowa's range of aerial platforms,

even among the higher product categories.

The product development

work has focused upon perfor-

mance and the optimization of

product management for rental

companies and end users.

We are confident that the

new MK2 models will be highly

acclaimed by both the public and

critics alike"

New HS701


The range of the Hinowa super-

compact dumpers has now been

extended with a new model. Having

made its debut at the Bauma 2016,

the HS701 tracked Minidumper with

LightLift 17.75

LightLift 20.10

Capacity platform

230 kg

Max. Working height

17.06 m


Max. Horizontal working


7.50 m


Transport length

4.53 m


Standard basket dimensions

1335 x 690 x h.1,100 mm

Basket rotation


Maximum stabilisation angle



Max slope in travel mode


Total weight (max)

2,300 kg

2,950 kg

Petrol engine

Honda iGX390

Honda iGX440

Diesel engine

Hatz 1B40

Perkins 402.05

Electric motor

2.2 kw-230 V-50 Hz / 2.2 kw-11 0V-5 0Hz

Engine max. Travel speed

2.5 Km/h

Lithium-ion powered

7.2 kW/h

Undercarriage width open/close

798 mm / 1,086 mm 79 5mm / 1095 mm

Specifications are for guidance only and vary according to machine power option

and other configurations.

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