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Kobelco Cranes Mark 2 G-Series

Bauma 2016 was the first opportunity for the industry

to see the latest models as Kobelco Cranes world

premièred its latest developments - particularly the 6

new models of the new Mark 2 KOBELCO CKE-G and

BME-G Series.

Continuing the concept and features of the G-series

as it takes over from the first generation, the Mark 2

G-series machines have been improved to be more en-

vironmentally-friendly and easy-to-operate.

The CKE1350G-2 of the Mark 2 series provides

150 t x 4.4 m max. lifting capacity up from 135 t.

New Clean Diesel System

The new models are now fitted with the new Clean

Diesel System Engine with exhaust gas emissions in com-

pliance with NRMM Europe Stage IV and US EPA Tier

4 Final regulations.

The new Clean Diesel System Engine utilizes a

DPF(Diesel Particulate Filter) to reduce particulate mat-

ter(PM) and an SCR(Selective Catalytic Reduction) to

reduce nitrogen oxide, which is also kept to a minimum

using negative ions.

All G-Series models are engineered with “G-mode”,

3 energy saving systems from Kobelco to help conserve

energy by reducing fuel consumption. As an example,

for the idling stop function, under certain conditions,

the Automatci Idle System (AIS) can be activated by the

operator. With the increase in the op-

portunities to use the idling stop func-

tion, further energy-saving effects

can be expected.

As with previous mod-

els, the dimensions and

weights of the main

machines and all at-

tachments are less

than 2.99 m width

and 45 ton metric

tons. In addition,

further refine-

ments to auxiliary

platforms and

b o o m

i n s e r t

h a n -

d l i n g

i m -

p r o v e

t h e

s p e e d

and safety

of the assembly

and disassembly of these items.

Kobelco Cranes Europe

What's New in Plant & Equipment


Engines for New Kato


Rolls-Royce is to supply MTU-branded engines to crane

producer Kato for the first time. The Japanese company’s

SL-500R PREMIUM rough-terrain lifting crane, with 501 t

lift capacity, is powered by a 6-cylinder in-line Series

1000 engine delivering 254 kW of power. Equipped with

an SCR unit, the MTU engine meets the new Japanese

Heisei 26 emission level requirements which came into

force in 2016. The MTU brand is part of Rolls-Royce

Power Systems.

Bernd Krüper, Head of the Construction & Agriculture

business unit at Rolls-Royce Power Systems, said:

“Winning Kato

as customer is

our first foray

i n t o

t h e

Japanese crane

market. Japan

is a high-tech

market for

i n d u s t r i a l

v e h i c l e s ,

whilst MTU

already has

a foothold in


such as wheel

loaders. We’re

predicting continued

growth for MTU in this segment over the next

few years.”

Even now, MTU is a leading global supplier of engines

for heavy-duty mobile cranes. Kato is planning to source

several hundred units per year for this crane.

With an overall width of 2.75 metres, the SL-500R

PREMIUM is allowed to be driven on Japanese roads.

With a boom length of 40 metres, the rough-terrain

lifting crane can work with weights of up to 50 tonnes

across a 37-metre radius.

Rolls-Royce /MTU


Contractors World International Vol 7 No 4