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What's New in Plant & Equipment

High-Tech Electric

Torque Wrenches

Enerpac announces the ETW-Series Electric Torque

Wrenches. Designed to combine simplicity with smart

bolting technology, the new tools deliver fast, accurate

and safe fastening for controlled bolting applications

that require speed, precision and traceability.

The ETW tools are operated with an interactive 7"

touch-screen, which combines superior functionality

with enhanced simplicity and ease of use. This user

friendly interface helps operators simplify complex jobs

by creating automatic presets, a sequence of torque and

angle steps, which are input using the touchscreen, and

may then be saved and applied on the jobsite.

For simpler jobs, torque values may be input directly

into the rear control panel on the wrench, allowing op-

erators to monitor and manage the fastening process

without returning to the control box.

A pass/fail indicator on the rear control panel verifies

that each fastening is made according to the specified

input. Fastening records for each job can be viewed on

the touchscreen, or exported to a computer, via standard

USB connection, providing a data record and traceability

for all fastenings made.

All ETW-Series Electric Torque Wrenches comply with

regulations for electronic hand held tools, are CSA cer-

tified, CE declared, and are shipped complete with a

unique calibration certificate, helping to ensure that

each fastening was made accurately, and according to

the specified input.


Push-Fit Culvert Jointing System

Drainage solutions provider Kijlstra has launched a rev-

olutionary push-fit culvert jointing system.

Six years after the manufacturer launched revolu-

tionary square manholes, the new culverts are the latest

innovative development from Kijlstra to speed along

construction and civils installations, with their rub-

ber-sealed push-fit jointing system making installation

super-fast and simple.

This avoids the traditional method of applying primer

and a jointing material to achieve a watertight finish.

The precast concrete box culverts are designed to

withstand the relevant road loadings under which they

pass, combining proven strength with durability, with

the individual sealed joints eliminating any grouting on


Designed to BS-Eurocode guidelines BS-EN

1990/1991/1992 using Load Models LM1 and LM2 for a

design life of up to 100 years, the culverts are manufac-

tured from poured monolithic self-compacting concrete

giving a high-quality finish and optimum hydraulic


The C40/50 concrete is rated to the highest sulphate

resistance exposure class XA3 for use in highly aggressive

chemical environments.

The culverts are available in a large range of standard

sizes up to 2 m although the company has the ability to

provide customer size demands.


Contractors World International Vol 7 No 4