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critical infrastructure to support the economic

recovery of the Canterbury region,” he said.

Principal Geotechnical Engineer, Ioannis

Antonopolous, said the project must address numerous

challenges – including strict resource consent

requirements, stringent environmental and cul-

tural restrictions and its proximity to the Lyttelton

fault line and potential long settlement


“Our expertise in soft soils and earthquake

engineering, combined with previous post-

earthquake work at LPC has armed the

project team with a deep understanding of

local ground conditions, allowing us to

provide well-informed design advice.”

"Over the past four months we’ve run a series

of workshops, bringing together expertise

from Coffey offices across New Zealand and

Australia, Beca, LPC and other project

contractors to select the smartest solutions

for this project.”

The project is expected to be completed in

2020 and will help support construction and

growth of LPC – while respecting cultural, envi-

ronmental and heritage sensitivities and ensuring the

development is capable of withstanding future seismic


Coffey New Zealand

United Kingdom

Alimak Passenger/

Goods Hoist

for Glasgow

demolition job

Safedem Scotland sub-contracted Despe

Engineered Special Demolitions from Italy

to install the ‘Top-Down’ hydraulic rig in

conjunction with

RECO Hoist

to provide a



Passenger/Goods Hoist fitted

with an automatic call/send system for the

demolition of two 80 m (28 storey) tower

blocks in Glasgow.

Despe have created the first system in

the world for the controlled demolition of

city skyscrapers. The ‘Top-down’ is assem-

bled at ground level and lifted in sections

onto the roof of the building by tower crane.

It is a self-descending grid structure

working under hydraulics which lowers floor

by floor as the demolition progresses while

containing all the rubble and debris from

the strip out until ground level is reached.

The demolition has advanced at two

floors a week and involves RECO part dis-

mantling the hoist in stage visits every sec-

ond week.

RECO Hoist

Alimak Hek

Wor ldwide Panorama

Contractors World International Vol 7 No 4