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Contractors World INTERNATIONAL - 2016 Vol 7 No 5

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Record-Breaking Façade At Elevator Test Tower


Record-Breaking Façade At Elevator Test Tower

Construction work on ThyssenKupp’s elevator test tower in Rottweil is on track with the installation of the tower’s distinctive PTFE (Polytetrafluoroethylene)-glass façade, considered to be the highest project of its kind in the world.

The installation at the 246 meter-high tower presents the entire planning team with unique challenges.

Only specially trained technicians who are certified to do installations at these heights are employed for the membrane assembly.

Using two specially designed climbing platforms, they measure the exterior and attach spacers and pipes to mount the membrane.

Separately, the façade will be assembled in three parts and installed from top to bottom. Due to the gradual gradation of the membrane, the tower will appear almost opaque at the bottom and become more transparent toward the top, where the fabric is wide-meshed.

The 17,000 square meter membrane is made of PTFE-glass, which is used for the first time in this form. The fabric is produced in strips of three meters, which are later welded to form bigger membrane sections.



The polymer-coated glass fibre fabric is a highly complex material that is long-lasting, almost self-cleaning and in addition to giving the tower its distinctive appearance, will also protect it from intense solar radiation and

reduce building movement by combating wind forces. It has been extensively tested in a wind tunnel and certified by an independent expert body.

For the 29-member planning team of Taiyo Europe, responsible for manufacturing and assembling the membrane, the test tower is special in all respects:

The planning phase as well as the assembly meant new challenges for us, because the requirements and specifications are entirely unique. We from Taiyo Europe are proud to participate in this singular project,

says Hubert Reiter, managing director of Taiyo Europe.

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