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Contractors World INTERNATIONAL - 2016 Vol 7 No 5

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Laos Cranes Keep Dam Project On Schedule - continued

There are also two MC 205B units, which have a maximum capacity of 10 t. They are working with jibs of 50 m and at a height of 35 m.

From the luffing jib range of cranes, there are four of the MCR 225A models, which also have a 14 t maximum capacity. These cranes are fitted with jibs of 55 m, while their working heights range from 40 m to 100 m.

All the MC, MCT and MCR cranes are used for general lifting duties, as well as for pouring Conventional Vibrated Concrete.

Thamnoon Surarat, project manager at CH. Karnchang PCL, said Potain’s experience in dam building added a level of reassurance to this huge undertaking.

Potain provided the best solution for us, and the company’s Lift Solutions department has a wealth of experience in successful dam construction that has given us confidence that our own project will be a success,

he said.

The Lift Solutions department and S.B. Siam worked closely with us to design, implement and maintain a unique set-up that is working consistently in harsh and humid conditions to tight deadlines and a demanding work schedule. Everything is on track and we are delighted with the cranes.

With Phase I of the project now complete, Phase II has started that will include construction of the dam’s powerhouse. The 820 m long Xayaburi dam will be 150 m wide and 35 m high on completion. It is situated 100 km downstream of Luang Prabang in Laos and owned by the Xayaburi Power Company, Ltd. It will produce some 7,400 GWh annually and the power will be supplied to both Laos and Thailand.


Bespoke PAM carrier system used by Colas

Bespoke PAM carrier system used by ColasBreaking and drilling tools from Chicago Pneumatic are playing an integral role in the PAM (Positioner-Activator-Manipulator) carrier system. The system is used by Colas for breaking out concrete on vertical and overhead applications on concrete structures, prior to carrying out concrete repairs.

The bespoke assembly, featuring a Chicago Pneumatic CP4611 rivet buster and CP0022 rock drill, is firmly secured to an air-over-hydraulic powered two-piece arm that reduces or isolates vibrations, depending on the model of air tool, thus providing tough and reliable tools that allow for longer operation times.

With the PAM carrier system, produced in Canada by RNP Industries, there are no limitations on arm-hand vibrations. Typical vibration levels are just 2.5 to 2.7 ms².

Colas’ conventional approach to this type of project would be to employ hydro-demolition techniques but the introduction of the PAM system has now given them the option to utilise existing air tools thought to be redundant because of HAV issues.

Chicago Pneumatic’s CP4611 rivet buster, originally designed for removing rivets and other metal applications, is now being used as part of the PAM system for concrete demolition and bridge work, offering the same hitting power as a 60lb (30kg) breaker but at only half the weight.

The CP0022 pneumatic sinker drill is designed primarily for drilling down vertically but when mounted on the PAM carrier allows operators to drill horizontally into walls and overhead in tunnels.

Chicago Pneumatic

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