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Contractors World INTERNATIONAL - 2016 Vol 7 No 5

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Hanbit Cranes: The MK 80 needs a very small amount of space for erection and operationSouth Korea Construction Boom Demands Cranes

For Liebherr the boom South Korean construction industry is good business with their cranes always in demand. Especially the Liebherr MK mobile construction cranes which have become more and more popular and do various jobs in South Korea.

Hanbit Cranes: The MK 80 needs a very small amount of space for erection and operation.

The Liebherr mobile construction cranes MK are very popular and do more and more jobs in South Korea. Many companies complement their fleets with mobile construction cranes – some examples: Hanbit Cranes, Woori Cranes, Sinhan Cranes, Hyelim Cranes and Jung Bu Cranes.

They realized that MK cranes have many advantages, for example on inner city sites where the vertical tower allows for the cranes to be erected directly next to the building where they can operate at interfering edges.

Furthermore, the cranes work fast and efficiently, have between 36 and 52 m of effective reach and they need only very small space for erection and operation.

The Gumi area and the Gimhae district ofDaegu

Sinhan Cranes, based in the Gumi area of Daegu, South Korea’s fourth largest city, has invested in a Liebherr MK 80 mobile construction crane to diversify its business and become more competitive amongst the numerous other crane-hire companies in the area that use hydracranes.

We have a number of hydracranes, but the competition in this area is intense and we decided we had to extend our service range

says owner Wun Bae-chun.

Much of the construction work here is in warehousing, storage and light industry, buildings on tight sites with a large footprint but very little access for lifting equipment. The MK 80 can, however ,go into all these areas, and reach upwards and across roof spaces. Lifting weights of about 1.7 t in a very confined space is easy for this machine.

Operator Sung Byun-dong says that learning to drive and operate the crane was very straightforward.

Manoeuvring the crane into position and then accessing all parts of the site has proven to be very easy on each job,

South Korea’s Jung Bu Cranes are also situated in the Gumi area of Deagu. Having been using Liebherr MK 80 mobile construction cranes, and seen his business expanding as a consequence, the owner Kim Ju-chul has recently taken delivery of a third unit; adding an MK 100 to the fleet.

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