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Contractors World INTERNATIONAL - 2016 Vol 7 No 5

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Composities & Alternatives

Composites &Alternative Solutions

Scientific advances have resulted in many new compounds and composites that will prove to be an economic solution to problems found on construction projects around the world.


Composite Single Envelope Solution 
Will Be UK’s Greenest



Composite Single Envelope Solution
Will Be UK’s Greenest

A new super energy-efficient cold storage warehouse extension for Turners (Soham), one of the UK’s leading temperature controlled storage and distribution companies, is to feature a state-of-the-art insulated single envelope designed and installed by composite panel specialist, ISD Solutions.

Forming the weathered external skin of the building, this will be the first UK chilled distribution warehouse to incorporate Kingspan’s latest IPN-QuadCore technology, a new insulated panel core which delivers a thermal improvement of up to 20% over standard PIR insulated panels.

Located at Turners’ existing site near Boston in Lincolnshire, the 5,500 m² extension will provide capacity for 5,500 pallets, plus packaging space and loading docks, all chilled to 1°C.

It is led by project designers FJB Systems, who have formulated a range of features to meet Turners’ environmental goals.

These include the use of natural refrigerants and reclaimed heat, rain water harvesting to provide all grey water requirements, LED lighting and controls to reduce energy consumption, roof top photovoltaic panels and rapid doors.

The air-tight fully insulated single envelope construction proposed by ISD Solutions using Kingspan IPN-QuadCore panels, adds further environmental benefits and cost savings both during the construction phase and energy savings to reduce operational running costs over the life of the building.

Tony Wall, Managing Director of ISD Solutions said:

We are delighted to be working with FJB Systems and lead contractor H.H. Adkins on this ultra-efficient cold store development. Single envelope composite panel construction is fast out pacing traditional building methods in warehouse and cold store developments. The air-tight thermally efficient building skin can be constructed around 20% faster than traditional builds and significantly reduces the need for secondary steelwork.

ISD Solutionswent on site in April, and completed work on the single envelope by the end of July 2016 with final completion and handover of the project expected this autumn.

ISD Solutions

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