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Contractors World INTERNATIONAL - 2016 Vol 7 No 5

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What's New In Plant & Equipment

New John Deere Hydraulic Coupler for Compact Excavators New John Deere Hydraulic Coupler for Compact Excavators

Switching buckets has never been easier with the new John Deere hydraulic coupler (16GE23) for compact excavators.

Operators are no longer required to exit the cab to switch buckets, so site clearing can continue with high productivity and minimal interruptions. The hydraulic coupler is designed for 35G, 50G and 60G excavators, and is compatible with the ever-expanding lineup of John Deere Worksite Pro attachments.

The hydraulic coupler offers many key features that help drive additional productivity from an excavator. Most notable is the wedge bar locking system that compensates for wear and keeps the coupler joint tight.

The wedge-style bucket pickup enables compact excavators to maintain breakout forces by keeping weight down, and operators can easily switch to other attachments, such as hydraulic hammers, with an adaptive bracket. The coupler is activated using a rocker switch. Once activated, curling the bucket unlocks the coupler.

John Deere

Groundforce unveils SheetMaster

Groundforce unveils SheetMasterHandling and installing trench sheets is now quicker, more controllable and safer thanks to SheetMaster, the new three-in-one revolutionary trench sheet handling tool from Groundforce Shorco.

SheetMaster is a multi-function sheet handling and installation attachment that connects to an excavator boom via a standard quick-hitch coupler.

Designed to replace three regularly-used trench sheet handling tools on site, each of which has its limitations. With this new attachment, there is no need for pitching or quick release shackles; used to lift the sheet into the vertical for positioning, driving caps to protect the sheet from damage or extraction chains to pull the sheet out of the ground.

The SheetMaster comprises a pair of slotted legs which engage over the top of the sheet. A spring-loaded pin located on the upper leg engages with the shackle-hole in the sheet to hold it firmly in place.

With the sheet secured, the operator then lifts it into the vertical and, using the excavator’s hydraulic controls, “pitches” the sheet ready for driving.

Once the sheet has been toed-in by the excavator, the spring loaded pin is released by pulling on a lanyard which then allows about 300 mm of vertical movement, allowing the SheetMaster to be used as a hammer to drive the sheet to depth or refusal.

Traditionally, a heavy steel driving cap is placed over the top of the sheet; not an easy or safe operation if the sheet is several metres up in the air

Again, enhanced safety is the main benefit here, although savings in time and labour are also factors.

When it comes to extracting driven sheets at the end of the job, SheetMaster is simply placed over the top of the sheet and the pin re-engaged with the shackle-hole. It is then a simple matter of pulling the sheet out of the ground with the excavator.

Groundforce Shorco

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