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Contractors World INTERNATIONAL - 2016 Vol 7 No 5

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What's New In Plant & Equipment

Komatsu PC7000 next-generation mining shovel

Komatsu PC7000 next-generation mining shovel

Komatsu Mining has released its “next generation” in mining shovels, the PC7000, a 700 tonne class machine available in face shovel and backhoe configurations. It is matched to plus-200 tonne trucks such as Komatsu’s 830E, 860E and 930E haul units.

The Komatsu PC7000 is designed to meet the mining industry’s requirements for high productivity and offers lowest cost per ton in its class.

With Komatsu customers’ requirements clearly defined, the development of the Komatsu PC7000 began. Komatsu designed this 677 ton machine with the aim to create the safest and highest performing shovel in its class.

Powered by two 1250 kW diesel engines the shovel can lift a 36 m³ (47 yd³) front shovel bucket. Adapting to different mining approaches and circumstances, Komatsu also provides, as an option, backhoe attachments with a 36 m³ (47 yd³) bucket and an electric drive train.

By design, the shovel perfectly matches 240 to 290 short ton trucks such as the Komatsu 830E and Komatsu 860E. Operators will experience improved ease when digging and bucket filling as Komatsu reviewed both the bucket design and hydraulic layout.

With the new open circuit, hydraulic system the shovel swings faster and penetrates the material easier.

Reduced maintenance time, thanks to increased width of walkways and repositioning of major service points for easier access, was taken into account when scheming the shovel. Komtrax Plus, the latest Komatsu machine monitoring system, is installed on the machine and lets customers check the operating status of their machine.

Safety matters

Continuing to improve machine and human safety, Komatsu developed a new safety concept for this new machine. The Komatsu PC7000 is equipped with an illuminated 45° primary access and egress stairway.

In case of emergency, a solid anti-slip, flip-down ladder provides secure egress from the cab and machinery house. In addition, Komatsu has upgraded the light arrangements to LED technology for brighter and safer service and operation.

Brief specifications

The PC7000 (diesel drive variant) power is from two Tier 2-rated Komatsu SSDA16V159E-2 engines, rated at 2500 kW.

Crawler assembly overall length is 10,500 mm ; track pad width, 1500/1900 mm; maximum travel speed, 2.5 km/h; bucket capacity (backhoe and front shovel) 36 m³ at 1.8 tonnes/m³ material density; backhoe bucket breakout force, 1671 kN; front shovel bucket breakout force, 1994 kN; operating weight, 682 tonnes (backhoe) and 674 tonnes (front shovel).

Komatsu Mining

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