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Power For

NewQuarry As

Demand Increases

Scott Construction Inc., Lake Delton, is one of Wisconsin’s

leading asphalt surfacing companies, and the largest

chip seal contractor in the state. To support the amount

of chip seal work the company performs throughout

Wisconsin and Minnesota (regional suppliers couldn’t

keep up with the demand), the company began mining

granite out of the new Pine Valley Quarry (Neillsville,

Wis.) in 2015.

With the new quarry, Scott Construction can control

quality and access to its chip seal products. The company

shoots raw granite and crushes it down to <16 mm (5/8-

inch), and then screens it and crushes it down again to

<12 mm (½-inch). The company then washes that and

further crushes it down to <10 mm (3/8-inch) and <6

mm (¼-inch) product. The remaining byproduct is then

used for hot mix and concrete.

The company is able to load upwards of 150 trucks/

day, depending on the output or demand.

Rapid Production Increase

By early June 2016, the company had tripled its produc-

tion out of the quarry compared to all of 2015.

Much of that workload is performed on the shoulders

of its wheel loaders.

The company uses both a Case 721F wheel loader

and a Case 821E wheel loader in the Masaba crushing

stages of production.

From there, a Case 1021F wheel loader takes over

and handles the bulk of truck loading and material han-

dling activities. Over time, the 1021F wheel loader has

become the most important machine in the pit.

Steve White, operator, Scott Construction. says:

“The 1021F is the key piece in everything that’s

going here. It’s irreplaceable. The 1021F has

been the heart of our operation here.”

The Power of Speed and Fuel


Scott Construction handles 350 tons of granite each hour

over the course of a 14-hour day.

Daily tonnage often exceeds 4,000. With such a heavy

workload – Scott Construction worked with Wisconsin

dealer Miller-Bradford & Risberg to equip the site with

a high-capacity wheel loader that would combine speed,

power and fuel efficiency.

The 1021F is powered by a 296 horsepower FPT en-

gine and is driven by a four-speed Powershift