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Contractors World International Vol 7 No 5



The work of experts from Taiyo Europe, who have

provided textile architecture for renowned projects such

as the Millennium Dome in London, San Francisco

Airport, the German Pavilion at Expo Milan and the

Mercedes-Benz-Arena in Stuttgart, is attracting great

public interest in Rottweil.

Since the construction work is on schedule, the re-

search operations at the tower are slated to

begin in December 2016. In May 2017, the

tower will also be opened to visitors.

Tower Construction

The ThyssenKrupp Test Tower is 246 me-

ters high and was formed using sliding form-

work construction, which began in mid-April

2015. The crane grew along with it to an even

greater height. The hook height begins at 90

meters and climbs to 259 meters.

The crane used on Rottweil’s Test Tower

construction site was a 280 EC-H 12 Litronic

from Liebherr. It was equipped with a pow-

erful 110-kW hoist gear in order to achieve

high hook speeds on account of the project’s

required hook heights of up to 259 meters.

The 280 EC-H crane was mounted on a

500HC tower system. It consisted of individual

tower elements measuring 5.8 meters in

height. This tower system was selected in

order to be able to ensure the largest possible

scaling steps and to interrupt the sliding form-

work construction as little as possible.

After a free-standing construction at 90

meters hook height, the crane was then grad-

ually climbed up to its final height. There was

a climbing unit mounted on the crane


It consisted of the guide piece and an integrated

hydraulic unit. The guide piece enclosed the actual crane

tower, while the upper part of the crane used hydraulics

to push the tower length upwards.

The guide piece was equipped with an appropriate

high opening that made it possible to insert another

tower element measuring 5.8 meters in height. This

‘climbed’ tower piece was subsequently bolted and the

process began again.

This process could take several days.

ThyssenKrupp started building the test tower with

the general contractor Züblin in 2014. Among the lead-

ing-edge technologies that will be tested in Rottweil is

the newest-generation elevator, the MULTI.

Three of the twelve shafts in the new test facility are

reserved for the MULTI system which is powered by

maglev technology from the Transrapid and provides a

number of advantages:

The cable-free design means several cabs can be

operated in a single shaft. This increases passenger

capacity per shaft by up to 50 percent and at the same

time reduces the elevator footprint in a building by half.

In addition, the elevators can move both sideways

and vertically without height limitations, opening up

completely new applications and architectural design


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