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Contractors World International Vol 7 No 5


Solution To Moving AMassive TBM

To Location for Singapore Tunnel


Yu Sin Engineering Work Pte Ltd skidded a tunnel boring machine

underground during a major subway infrastructure project in Singapore during

August 2016.

Contractor Yu Sin Engineering Work Pte Ltd from

Singapore sought a solution to move the boring machine

parts over a distance of approximately 66 ft (20 m) and

connect them in the launch shaft. The machine could

not be lowered directly onto its working path because

of a major road over the tunnel entry point and other

structural interferences.

Having discovered Canada-based Hydra-Slide online,

Yu Sin was convinced that this was the right equipment

for the job. Given the project time constraints, the 23,000

lb (10,500 kg) HT300 system travelled by cargo plane

and then by truck to the jobsite. Shipments of this kind

would more commonly travel by ocean with a transit

time of about 45 days. In addition, Ekki hardwood jacking

timbers supplied by Hydra-Slide were also air freighted

directly from the mill in Holland to Singapore.

The components of the tunnel borer were lowered

down the 100 ft (30 m) shaft onto a Hydra-Slide HT300

hydraulically powered skidding system by a Terex AC700

crane at ground level.


The assembly cradle on

the HT300 Hydra-Slide

skid system.

A component approaches

the entrance of the 100ft

(30m) shaft.