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ECS Engineering Services has completed the turnkey

delivery and installation of a new cycle / footbridge for

a supermarket distribution centre in North London. The

project came from Cauntons, which was the principal

supplier of the steelwork for the construction of the new


The new bridge was created by ECS taking the initial

concept through design, fabrication and final delivery

to produce a turnkey solution. Once the initial designs

were signed off, the main civil engineering contractor

at the London site prepared the concrete abutments.

John Cotterill, Manufacturing Operations Director,

said that overall

the br idge

measured eight

metres long by

four metres

wide and con-

sists of the

main deck and

a pair of hand

railings that

were bolted on

later in the pro-

ject. The main

deck design had a slight camber to give it the required

strength and an anti-slip surface to make sure it could

be used throughout the year. This project has been

completed to Execution Class 2 under BS EN 1090-2,

mainly because the application does not include motor-

ised vehicles.

The completed bridge for this project weighs 26

tonnes and was transported to the London site by a

heavy haulage truck with an escort vehicle. The size of

the bridge meant that it had to be transported under

escort and the route had to be approved by the police

and the highways agency. The planning for the day of

installation was crucial since the local road adjacent to

the new bridge location needed to be closed to allow

the 500 tonne crane to be positioned.

Martin Waldron, Project Manager for ECS,


“This project has required some considerable

logistics to get the finished bridge installed on

time and required the use of a massive 500

tonne crane. We had offered to create the bridge

using fibre reinforced polymer (FRP) technology

which would have produced a much lighter

bridge and reduced the size of the crane required

significantly. However, in this case the client felt

that a steel construction was more appropriate

for this particular application and so that is what

we have delivered.”

The bridge spans a pond that forms the centre of a

wildlife area that has been created as part of the new

development and allows cyclists and pedestrians to cross

the water on their way around the site. The new distri-

bution centre is due to be fitted out in 2016 and oper-

ational by 2017.

ECS Engineering

Contractors World International Vol 7 No 5


United Kingdom

Prefabricated Bridge For New

Distribution Centre



of the bridge

required a 500

tonne crane,

positioned on

an adjacent