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Pasquick technology from Covestro makes coating floors

of industrial and public buildings easier and less

time-consuming than conventional processes, while

delivering results that are just as long-lasting and high

in quality.

Floors in industrial and commercial buildings or in

public spaces are exposed to extreme wear and tear.

Day after day, any number of people walk on them; ve-

hicles roll over them; they are cleaned with chemical

substances and are often exposed to temperature


Floor coatings must not only meet these require-

ments, but also fulfill the wishes of building owners and

operators for low-cost application and for the spaces to

be usable again as soon as possible after renovation is


Covestro has developed a pioneering solution that

meets these requirements and offers a number of ad-

ditional advantages. Pasquick technology makes coating

floors easier and less time-consuming than conventional

processes, while delivering results that are just as

long-lasting and high in quality.

Advantages along the value-added


Contardo Pafumi, head of marketing for building appli-

cations in Covestro’s Coatings, Adhesives, Specialties

segment said:

“Building owners and operators benefit just as

much from the technology as architects, civil

engineers and, of course, floor coating

specialists. Eliminating one of the coating steps

saves contractors time and labor costs. Thanks

to the rapid curing, they can apply several coats

of such floor coatings in a single day using

standard equipment.”

Application thus takes place at room temperature,

under less time pressure and with no additional


The coatings also allow complete renovations as

quickly as possible so the building can go back into use.

Owners and operators thus benefit from lower lost


The floor coatings are long-lasting and robust, but

also flexible. They are lightfast, weather-resistant and

have crack-bridging capabilities.

Floor coating at Ave Maria


Ave Maria University in Naples, Florida, U.S.A., is an

example of the durability of polyaspartic coatings.

When the private university was founded in 2007, a

concrete floor with a total area of 70,000 ft² (approx.

6,500 m² meters) had to be provided with an extremely

long-lasting, yet affordable coating with a marble look.

After diamond-polishing the floor and utilizing the

acid stain, the Crown Concrete and Cutting Edge Concrete

companies applied the coating. Thanks to the rapid

curing, they were able to apply the second coat just a

few hours later.

Acid stain prior to application promotes good adhe-

sion of the coating and provides the desired marble


Despite the tight time frame, work was completed

in time for the university’s grand opening. The scratch-re-

sistant coating has retained its glossy finish over the

years and is also easy to clean.


Long-Lasting And Cost-

Efficient Floor Sealant

Contractors World International Vol 7 No 5