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Contractors World International Vol 7 No 5


The new Cat 323F LN excavator is specially designed

with reinforced structures and massive counterweights

to take on the most severe applications.

The heavy duty booms and sticks feature high

strength steel and box section construction with internal

baffles for added durability. The massive upper frame,

carbody (lower frame), and track roller frames are de-

signed for strength and long-term durability.

This F Series excavator delivers a 4 percent improve-

ment in fuel efficiency, compared with the 323E LN,

resulting primarily from the efficiency of the 120 kW net

power Cat C4.4 ACERT engine that meets EU Stage IV

emission standards.

Proven electronic, fuel, air, and aftertreatment com-

ponents (including a maintenance-free diesel particulate

filter) provide effective emissions control without inter-

rupting work cycles and with no compromise in produc-

tivity, fuel efficiency, reliability, or service life.

The engine is further enhanced with an automatic

engine speed control that lowers engine speed during

no load/light load conditions, an engine idle shutdown

system that stops the engine after a pre-set idling inter-

val, and standard, ECO or HP modes that allow operators

to tailor machine performance to the application. The

engine also operates efficiently on biodiesel up to B20

when blended with ULSD fuel.

The 323F LN hydraulic system places major compo-

nents in close proximity to minimize piping lengths and

to reduce frictional losses and pressure drops. Combined

with boom and stick regeneration circuits that reduce

load on the main pumps, the Cat hydraulic system con-

tributes significantly to overall fuel savings.

The 323F LN is available with two configurations for

the front linkage: Reach and Variable Adjustable.

Operator Environment, Safety,


The pressurized cab is spacious and quiet with large glass

areas for all-around visibility. The cab features positive

air filtration, height-adjustable joystick consoles, large

colour monitor and available air suspension, heated and

cooled seat options.

Safety features include a cab-integrated roll-over-pro-

tection structure (ROPS), anti-skid surfaces, program-

mable halogen working lights, easily stored upper and

lower windows, large skylight, and a rearview and right

side view camera system.

Serviceability features include ground-level access

to major maintenance points, electric fuel system prim-

ing pump, remote fuel tank drain, and a fuel level indi-

cator to help avoid overfilling.

Technology Enhancements

Cat Connect helps customers get more value from their

Cat equipment and improve jobsite efficiency.

Cat Grade Control Depth and Slope, included in the

Cat Connect technologies, is a standard factory-integrat-

ed system that allows operators to attain grades quickly

and efficiently.

The system incorporates well-protected sensors in

the front linkage to provide real-time positioning infor-

mation and cut-and-fill data via the standard cab


This helps eliminate digging and slope rework by

doing it right first time, saving money on fuel and ma-

terials, while also minimizing the need for grade


The system can easily be upgraded to 3D capability

NewCat 323F LN


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