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Contractors World International Vol 7 No 5


by adding proven Cat AccuGrade GPS or Universal Total

Station (UTS) systems.

Optional Cat GRADE with

ASSIST deliv-

ers further gains in efficien-

c y


productivity. With the touch of a button and stick control,

the simple to use system automates grade work typically

done by the operator with manual boom/stick/bucket


Operators can reach target grades up to 45 percent

faster than with conventional grading techniques and

up to 30 percent faster than with grade control systems

that provide indication only guidance. The system’s built-

in features also include grade protect, ceiling protect,

and floor protect.


Operating Weight Range 21 930 kg – 23 620 kg

Max. Digging Depth

6 710 mm * 6 270 mm **

Max. Reach (ground level)

9 850 mm* 9 800 mm**

Gross Power (ISO 14396)

122 kW

Net Power (ISO 9249)

120 kW

*323F LN with Reach Boom, 2.9m stick, and 1.3m³ bucket

**323F LN with VA Boom, 2.5m stick, and 1.3m³ bucket

Kobelco SK300LC-10


As part of

the Kobe l co

Generation 10, the

SK300LC delivers value,

productivity and durability.

Powered by a 252-hp

Tier IV Final HINO en-

gine, enables it to easily

tackle heavy-duty applica-

tions and is one of the most

powerful and fuel effi-

cient excavators in its


The SK300LC-10 is designed to provide exceptional

low emissions and increased working performance to


unparalleled working efficiency, and is the latest Kobelco

conventional excavator to comply with Stage 4 exhaust

emissions regulations.

This engine is the same unit that powers Kobelco

machinery from the higher 35-ton operating class and,

therefore, its powerful 186 kW output makes the

SK300LC-10 a top performer in its class. Reinforcing the

performance aspect is the superb bucket digging force

of 209 kN as well as drawbar pull and swing torque fig-

ures that are among the highest in class.

Fuel efficiency through refinement is an important

aspect in all Kobelco designs in order to save operating

costs. The refinement of trusted power-plants has led

to a decrease in fuel consumption in Eco-mode/S-mode

and maximising fuel efficiency in H-mode.

Serviceability and operator refinement on the

SK300LC-10 is enhanced. The latest upper deck/cabin

profile mirrors the proven SK350LC-10 and provides easy

access to the engine compartment for daily operator

checks and scheduled servicing needs.

At the same time the deck/cabin layout provides the

operator with wide visibility to the right side.

Ease of transportation was also a key factor during

the design process of the SK300LC-10. Although this

machine has all the benefits of a 35-ton category engine,

including cabin and upper frame (excluding the coun-

terweight), the lower carriage is designed for the 30-ton


The SK300LC’s new travel mo-

tor increases traction force by

10%, enabling it to deliver a draw-

bar pulling force more powerful

than competitive models – with-

out sacrificing travel speed.

This video from Kobelco

Australia shows the features com-

mon across the series.

Kobelco Construction Machinery

Max. digging reach

11,720 mm

Max. digging reach at ground level 11,540 mm

Max. digging depth

8,100 mm

Max. digging height

10,430 mm

Max. dumping clearance

7,530 mm

Min. dumping clearance

1,660 mm

Max. vertical wall digging depth 7,000 mm

Min. swing radius

4,550 mm

Bucket capacity ISO heaped

0.8 m³

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