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powerful, but also feature up to 10% less fuel consump-

tion for the 950 and 962L compared with H Series


The power-dense ACERT engines burn less fuel by

providing power and torque when needed. Cat’s inno-

vative powertrain, hydraulic, cooling and electronic sys-

tems intelligently lower average working engine speeds

and reduce overall system heat loads resulting in signif-

icantly improved performance and fuel efficiency.

Furthermore, the productive Economy Mode provides

maximum fuel savings with minimal productivity


The efficient load-sensing hydraulic system features

proportional flow for fast, smooth hydraulic response

with optimum controllability. The system is designed to

deliver more engine power to the wheels at partial hy-

draulic flow, allowing faster cycle times in load-and-carry

and ramp operations, as well as higher rimpull when


An on-demand fan further enhances fuel efficiency

and lowers sound levels. In addition, the engine-idle-man-

agement and the engine-idle-shutdown systems that

reduce or stop the engine after a pre-set idling


Operator comfort and safety

The new operator environment features four post Roll

Over Protection System (ROPS) cab providing superior

comfort, visibility, and efficiency. Seat-mounted, elec-

tro-hydraulic implement controls and programmable

(in-cab) kick-outs provide optimum work-tool control,

complemented by automatic cylinder snubbing that

protects the machine structures and enhances


New, streamlined control panel includes easy to reach

highly utilized machine controls to increase operator

efficiency. Powerful heating and air-conditioning systems

keep operators comfortable in any climate. Viscous

mounts to reduce vibration and cabin sound levels.

For added safety, stair-like steps along with a large

entry door to the cab reduce the angle of entry, and grab

bars provide safe access to machine platforms. Floor-to-

ceiling glass in the windshield, large mirrors with spot

mirrors, and a standard rear-vision camera combine to

provide all-around visibility.


The front and rear frames of the new models are fab-

ricated of high-strength materials for long-term durabil-

ity, robotically welded to ensure reliable performance,

and designed to dissipate forces associated with aggres-

sive loading and digging. The articulating hitch system,

joining front and rear frames, provides exceptional bear-

ing-force capacity.


New Cat Tilt


A new line of Cat tilt buckets is available for Cat crawl-

er-excavator models 311-325 and for wheel excavator

models M314–M322. The new buckets, available in

both pin-on and coupler configurations, hydraulically

tilt 45 degrees from vertical, right and left, to provide

added capability when working on angled surfaces

or performing precise grading.

The buckets install easily and are designed for

such applications as ditch cleaning, landscaping,

and various construction tasks. In addition, the

buckets can be used for conventional excavating in

low-impact soils, including top soil and clay.

The tilt buckets are equipped with two horizon-

tal cylinders—sized to provide forces matched to

the machine—that allow the operator to position

the bucket and maintain grade without moving

the machine. The horizontal-cylinder design allows

a low-profile for the bucket, while protecting the

cylinders from material flow.

The new buckets are drilled and tapped to accept

the bolt-on sensor and clips required to make them

“plug-and-play” compatible with Cat Grade Control 3D.

Grade control provides visual and audio positioning

guidance for the operator via the machine’s in-cab mon-

itor, enhancing the speed, accuracy, and material-move-

ment efficiency of excavating and grading tasks.

Tilt buckets feature a re-

versible, wear-resistant, bolt-on cutting edge that pro-

tects the base edge and provides extended service life.

In addition, bucket surfaces subject to heavy wear, such

as corners, are protected with replaceable, weld-in in-

serts of premium-grade steel (400 BHN).

Caterpillar Buckets

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Contractors World International Vol 7 No 5