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Sennebogen Crane For Well

Drilling And Mobile Pipe Work

If numerous holes must be drilled at short

intervals, or if the work must be accom-

plished in tight spaces, a small and flex-

ible duty cycle crane is ideal.

In the fall of 2016, Sennebogen

will introduce the new 624. A

compact ba-

sic unit that is quickly available

for the instal-

lation to piping machines

and for rope op-

erations. The newmachine

will be referred to

as “taxi” duty cycle crane

and uses a foldable

box-type boom that

can be assembled

into its transport po-

sition in three simple


Foldable boom

safes time and


This simple technology

makes it possible to

have the crane

ready in only a few

minutes. The opera-

tor requires only a few steps to have the machine ready,

operate it, and subsequently load the machine back onto

the truck. This allows the machine not only to be em-

ployed in the tightest spaces, but it can also be trans-

ported very fast from one construction site to the next.

During the transport, the boom is folded next to the

cab and alongside the uppercarriage. This saves time

and space during the assembly. The boom can be ex-

tended to a maximum length of 19 m. Two 6 t free-fall

winches in the uppercarriage provide the necessary

tractive force. The individually adjustable free-fall brake

makes the operation simple and easy.

Mobile variant or crawler drive

With an operating weight of 27 t and a design that

qualifies it to be used as a full-fledged duty cycle crane,

the new crane is remarkable in its performance class

under 30 t – a unique characteristics that opens a mul-

titude of potential applications.

In the future, two variants of the undercarriage will

be available.

• A robust crawler undercarriage provides maximum

stability and manoeuvrability in any terrain.

• A variant with tyres and outriggers for pipe installa-

tions in the downtown area.

The 27 t duty cycle crane will also be used in the

future to close the gap in water engineering applications.

Due to its low operating weight, the machine can be

easily installed on pontoons or barges and employed for

all types of water conservation applications and main-

tenance tasks


New CM1600 Series Flat-Top Tower

Cranes From Comansa

The CM1600 Series is formed by four brand new models

and two more to come in the following months

Tower crane manufacturer Comansa CM, part of the

Linden Comansa group, has launched a new series of

flat-top tower cranes. Four new models with maximum

load capacity of 10 and 12 tonnes are already available

for the market, while two more will be arriving before

the end of the year.

The new cranes from the Hangzhou factory are mod-

els 16CM185 (10 t), 16CM185 (12 t), 16CM220 (10 t)

and 16CM220 (12 t), all with maximum jib length of 65

metres. The cranes 16CM260 (10 t) and 16CM260 (12

t) will be launched soon and will come with jib length

of 70 metres.

All the cranes from the CM1600

Series feature flat-top design,

frequency controlled

mechanisms, differ-

ent options of hoist

speeds and the

PowerLift system.

This new CM1600

Series allows Comansa CM to fill the gap between the

CM1100 Series (with max. loads of 6 and 8 tonnes) and

the CM2100 Series (up to 25 tonnnes of maximum load

capacity). According to Sales Manager, Mr. Andy Huang,

“Comansa CM’s range is now even more

complete and

allows us to be

part of

all types of


from small

residential to

l a r g e - s c a l e

i n d u s t r i a l a n d


Comansa Tower Cranes

Contractors World International Vol 7 No 5


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