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Chemical Resistant

Solenoid Valves

The Fluid Control Division Europe of Parker Hannifin

Corporation, has released new stainless steel solenoid

valves. The 221G range offers extreme resistance to

corrosion and aggressive chemicals, and with its ATEX

certification, is suited to use in explosive


With a durable high-grade 316L stainless steel con-

struction plus fluoroelastomer (FKM) sealing to provide

fluid and chemical resistance, the 221G series combines

long life and reduced maintenance requirements in the

harshest operating environments.

Typical applications include those found in oil & gas,

petrochemical, food processing and pharmaceutical


Due to their high flow rates of up to 170 litres/min.,

the new valves provide an opportunity to reduce the

overall size of customer installations and cut costs by up

to approximately 10%. The new series valves are based

on proven technology that has evolved over 40 years

and is used in a popular sister family offered in brass.

The modular design of the valves allows assembly to

a large range of coils including many with ATEX, IP67,

U L / V D E


This makes

them ideal

for use in

app l i ca -

ti o n s

w h e r e


agents are pres-

ent such as in car wash installations, industrial washing

machines or food processing. The series in stainless steel

is available in a two-way, normally closed format with

port sizes ranging from 3/8 inch to one inch.

Valéry Blanchet, Marketing Product Manager for

Parker’s Fluid Control Division Europe said:

“This new stainless steel version makes the 221G

Series exceptionally durable for applications

where aggressive cleaning agents are present,

and particularly for rigorous ‘wash-down’

environments. They also provide a long-life and

reliable solution in ATEX environments.”

Parker Hannifin

Enerpac SPMT600 Transporter

Enerpac introduces the SPMT600 Series Self-Propelled

Modular Transporter (SPMT), a three axle per trailer

modular system featuring a minimised height, slim de-

sign and remote wireless control operation capabilities,

making it highly suitable for operating in confined


Flexibility of use and configuration is also key.

Depending on the model number, the trailers and HPUs

can be configured to a maximum of 4 trailers in 2 rows

(4x2) or 6 trailers in 2 rows (6x2).

The Wireless Intelli-Drive Remote Controller is a key

feature of the SPMT600. With its simple to use interface

an operator can learn

how to use the system in one day.

Wheel propulsion is via hydraulic drive motors; all

wheels have individual drive motors, which provides

maximum traction. Each wheel unit has both a steering

and a lifting cylinder at its disposal. In total, one trailer

can support 60 metric tons of load.

"The Intelli-Drive Remote Controller is, by far,

the feature of the SPMT that customers will

benefit most from. One person can operate the

transporter remotely, safely away from the load.

This single point of control reduces risk of

operator miscommunication."

Pete Crisci, Enerpac Global Business

Development Leader for Integrated Solutions.

The SPMT600 features a number of key func-

tional and safety features including:

• Highest rating Tier-4 diesel hydraulic power

unit for reduced emissions

• A low-profile, slim design, ideal for in-plant


• Intelli-Drive wireless control system, intui-

tive and easy to use

• Two trailers and a power pack can be

shipped inside one 20-ft. container


What's New in Plant & Equipment

Contractors World International Vol 7 No 5