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Contractors World INTERNATIONAL - 2016 Vol 7 No 6

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5 Editorial Comment

UAE Geotechnical Investigation For Signature Tower6 Worldwide Panorama

12	New Zealand: Massive Clean-Up Starts12 New Zealand: Massive Clean-Up Starts

14 Malaysia: Single Source Formwork Solutions for Multi-Tower Project

15 Are You Up To The Challenge?

16 Think Wood - Modular design can be both high quality and fast

18 Tunisia: Extreme Durability Test

19	Case Motor Graders Proven Across Europe19 Case Motor Graders Proven Across Europe

21 Netherlands: Challenging Tail Bridge Lifts Made From Barges

23 Australia: Dredge Pump for Terminal Project


24 Denmark: Reach And Accuracy Demanded

28 Singapore: Optical Fibre Sensing Used for Rail Track Monitoring

29 Revised European Standard For Concrete Structures

30	Award Winning Citadelle bridge between France and Germany30 Award Winning Citadelle bridge between France and Germany

33 What’s New In Plant & Equipment

50 Companies Directory

51 Companies Featured

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