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Contractors World INTERNATIONAL - 2016 Vol 7 No 6

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What's New In Plant & Equipment

All-New G Series Wheel Loaders - continued

A membrane keypad replaces a series of rocker switches for common machine functions, and a new steering console mimics the driver controls – from lights and wipers to turn signals – found in most cars/trucks.









HP / kW (gross) 141 / 105 172 / 128 195 / 145 230 / 172 255 / 190 320 / 239 347 / 259
Bucket Capacities 2.1 – 2.6 yd³ 1.6 - 1.99 m³ 2.5 – 4.5 yd³ 1.9 - 3.44 m³ 3.0 – 5.5 yd³ 2.3 - 4.21 m³ 3.5 – 4.5 yd³ 2.66 - 3.44 m³ 4.0 – 4.75 yd³ 3.06 - 3.63 m³ 4.75 – 5.5 yd³ 3.63 - 4.20 m³ 5.25 – 6.25 yd³ 4.01 - 4.78 m³
Breakout Force 20,937 lbs
9 497 kg
27,282 lbs
12 375 kg
33,810 lbs
15 336 kg
40,608 lbs
18 420 kg
42,254 lbs
19 116 kg
49,787 lbs
22 583 kg
56,245 lbs
25 512 kg

The brains of the machine all connect back to a new eight-inch LCD monitor that provides the operator with simple control and greater insight over many of the loader functions and activities.

This includes changing displays for day and night operation, information on operating parameters such as fuel levels, temperatures and pressure readings, trip information, an optional integrated rearview camera, and fingertip selection of operating modes and features such as Auto Idle and Auto Shutdown.

The cab is also engineered to bring a new level of comfort and ergonomics to the operator. This includes three seat options, including a premium heated air-ride seat, and seat positioning, control adjustability and leg room that provides ideal comfort for operators of all sizes.

Greater visibility to all sides of the machine is further achieved by a new, one-piece rounded windshield, a rear grid defroster and redesigned external mirrors more optimally placed to prevent operator fatigue.

The operator environment is further accentuated with new automotive-style plastics on the inside that are more durable and resistant to scratches, and easier to clean. A new Bluetooth radio with full streaming, satellite radio (with optional equipment) and music device compatibility is also available to enhance the operator experience.

Know Your Costs

Every system in the new G Series wheel loaders is engineered to help produce the greatest amount of production, at the highest rate of uptime, for the lowest total cost of operation.

Much of this is achieved with the efficiencies of the engine and related systems, the intuitiveness of the operator environment and the ease of service.

Case also backs that up with ProCare, which allows G Series owners to fully plan for and understand total operating costs of the machine for the first three years of ownership.

Case Construction Equipment North America


New, Compact Ditch Witch Sk600 Mini Skid Steer

New, Compact Ditch Witch Sk600 Mini Skid Steer

To help operators ease manoeuvrability on tight, compact landscape jobsites, Ditch Witch has introduced the SK600 mini skid steer.​

Equipped with an efficient 18.5 kW / 24.8 hp Kubota diesel engine, this machine delivers maximum efficiency to the attachment for enhanced productivity and versatility on landscape and irrigation jobs.

The SK600 has been specifically designed to handle tasks that require heavy duty strength and power with a 272 kg / 600 lb rated operating capacity and a 1930 mm /7 6” hinge-pin height.​

With easily accessible maintenance points, operators save time and money keeping the machine running smoothly. Rental companies can also appreciate features such as single-point, lockable fuel and hydraulic fluid tanks that improve machine security.​

An operator platform gives good machine stability and ground clearance. Operators can effectively maintain hydraulic flow to the attachment with an easy-to-use, auxiliary-control foot pedal.

A standard hydraulic parking brake allows for easy engagement and disengagement.

Optimized machine hydraulics deliver the smoothest ride in the industry, keeping operators more comfortable and productive during long hours on the job.

The machine’s narrow frame easily fits through standard gates and is engineered to manoeuvre in tight, compact spaces for improved productivity in hard-to-reach places.

The SK600 accepts many attachments for added versatility and improved ROI for customers.

Ditch Witch

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