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Contractors World International Vol 7 No 6


Are You Up To The


Here is your opportunity to show your skills at innovat-

ing new solutions for applications in the construction

and related industries.

The challenge is to find alternative power supply for

lifting gear.

The first

Open Innovation

project was organized at

bauma 2016. Now, in mid November 2016, a new chal-

lenge is going online, this time with the aim of finding

an alternative power supply for lifting gear.

The solutions submitted by experts are handled

anonymously and passed on directly to the issuer of

the challenge. Prior registration is required, at:


Challenge brief

In the current challenge that has been commissioned

through bauma Open Innovation, the brief is very


• The company is looking for an alternative power

supply that must be reliable, easy to set up and

dismantle, and may not cost more than the tech-

nologies used so far.

• A particularly important aspect is that the solu-

tion must fulfill the requirements of theMachinery

Directive and the EMC Directive. Data transfer

must be secure and reliable.

The idea of Open Innovation

The Open Innovation project by bauma is based on the

idea of taking the innovation issues faced by companies

and translating them into “Challenges” to which the

global and interdisciplinary community of experts then

proposes solutions.

The process is particularly well suited to technolog-

ical challenges that a company cannot resolve using

only its own resources.

Especially as regards the highly complex innovation

challenges faced in the construction machinery sector,

this Open Innovation project is a good way for compa-

nies to tap into a very broad base of expert


Another advantage is the fast turnaround time,

which can reduce development time.

Click Here for Further information on bauma Open Innovation

in a correspondingly short time right from the very


Coordinated climbing formwork

and shoring solution

For working at heights, Peri engineers planned the op-

timal combination of different climbing systems.

With the help of RCS Climbing Formwork units, CB

Working Platforms and BR Shaft Platforms, the vertical

reinforced concrete components and circular inclined

supports were efficiently and safely constructed.

For the most part, the VARIO GT 24 Girder Wall

Formwork was combined with the respective climbing


Following the fast working speed of the climbing

technology, PERI UP was assembled as a birdcage scaffold

with a basic grid of 1.50 m x 1.50 m. The scaffolding

provided safe working and access areas at all levels.

In addition, corresponding intermediate supports

could be realized with the construction for the required

horizontal bracing of the inclined reinforced concrete

columns. The solution for this temporary stabilization

of up to 30 m high inclined columns was developed by

Peri engineers in close cooperation with the structural

engineers from ARUP; for this, ST 100 Stacking Towers

were used as well as specially developed connection


Flexible adjustment to suit

different geometries and loads

The dimensioning of the PERI UP birdcage scaffold was

especially coordinated to accommodate the subsequent

load-bearing function in order to concrete the up to 1.80

m thick intermediate slabs at heights of over 40 m.

Due to the 25 cm system grid, the scaffolding could

be flexibly adapted to suit the building’s geometry. As a

result, different set-up levels, circular columns at inclined

spatial angles as well as increased load concentrations

could be taken into consideration – and this with opti-

mized material quantities.

In the birdcage scaffold, integrated PERI UP alumin-

ium flights of stairs also provided safe access to all