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Contractors World International- 2017 Vol 8 No 1

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Advanced Technology Deployed In Persian Gulf Mega Project


Advanced Technology Deployed In Persian Gulf Mega Project

Artificial islands, gigantic shopping malls and ever new record heights of skyscrapers testify to the construction boom in the United Arab Emirates. But the time of superlatives on the Gulf is by no means over yet.

On the contrary, in Abu Dhabi, a completely new district is currently being developed which, after completion of the construction works, is to provide new homes for 22,000 people.

Apart from 2,700 apartments and 13 schools, restaurants and parks will also offer people an attractive space to while the time away in this new development with an overall area of 570 hectares.

For carrying out this work, Menard Vibro Middle East (Dubai), a customer of Bauer Maschinen, relies on the performance capacity of the innovative and technically advanced BAUER MC 96 duty-cycle crane.

Bauer Machinen

Roofing under extreme weather conditions


Roofing under extreme weather conditions

Despite freezing temperatures, Seele’s erection procedures for the West Block Rehabilitation Project are in full swing.

The roof to the West Block measures almost 2,500 m² in area and consists of a complex, multi-layer assembly. Erection of the primary steel structure was completed in September of last year. Some 938 t of structural steelwork were lifted into position to form the basic framework for the roof.

That was followed by the erection of the secondary structure that supports the roof covering.
The secondary structure is in aluminium and consists of individual triangles that were preassembled on the ground to form larger elements before being lifted up to roof level.

Owing to the extreme temperatures, preassembly work on the ground took place in heated huts set up for the purpose and the seals were connected on the roof by the Seele erection crews working in heated enclosures.




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