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Contractors World International- 2017 Vol 8 No 1

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Contractors World Magazines and supplements are independent publications.
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Focusing on Innovations

Regular readers will notice a significant change in the editorial content this year. There is more emphasis on ‘innovations’ and looking ahead to how new engineering solutions and technology are creating greater opportunities to increase efficiency, safety and productivity.

There will still be reports on new plant and equipment but on a more selective basis. There are enough magazines and web sites covering trade events and reporting on new machines from the various manufacturers.

Contractors World International will look beyond the leading manufacturers as these smaller companies are often the origin of innovations.

We are also publishing the magazine in two distinct formats - a ‘COMPACT’ edition and a ‘PREMIUM’ edition. Both will feature the same articles but the PREMIUM edition will have longer, more detailed articles, video content and other features such as direct access to brochures, companies featured, etc.

The ‘COMPACT’ edition is a smaller file size and remains FREE. However, readers can, at any time, subscribe for the PREMIUM edition either with an annual discounted subscription or just for a single issue.

The magazine is designed in a vertical PDF format for iPads, Android and other tablet devices where moving from page to page is with a simple swipe.

For best performance, Contractors World Intentional recommend the free to install ezPDF Reader as it can display interactive PDFs including video content and it has search, save and other functions.

For desktop Windows PC, the best solution we know is Adobe Reader DC together with Adobe Flash - both free. These work with interactive PDF.

As every company should do, we are continuously trying to improve the presentation of the magazine. If you have any comments or suggestions, please email me.



Roger LindleyEditor/Publisher



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