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Contractors World International- 2017 Vol 8 No 2


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No: 2 2017

No: 1 2017

No: 6 2016





Specialist Drainage Systems 
      Helps Preserve A Victorian Aqueduct

Specialist Drainage Systems
Help Preserve A Victorian Aqueduct

The Elan Valley Aqueduct (EVA) has been bringing water to the city of Birmingham, United Kingdom for more than a century.

Kijlstra modular transition units where vital to the speedy implementation of the project.The 119 km-long aqueduct is one of the last great civil engineering achievements ofthe Victorian era.

Kijlstra modular transition units were vital to the speedy implementation of the project.

Opened in 1904 by Queen Victoria’s son, King Edward VII, the aqueduct today carries 320 million litres of fresh water to Birmingham from mid-Wales every day - roughly twice the volume it carried a century ago.

After more than 100 years of service, the need for regular maintenance and refurbishment is becoming ever more frequent and so the time has come to provide extra support for the EVA to ensure it can continue to provide service for another 100 years.

This led to the Birmingham Resilience Project (BRP), a scheme to safeguard the EVA and protect Birmingham’s water supply. At around £300 million, the BRP is the biggest infrastructure project in Severn Trent’s history.

One of the first phases in the BRP is to replace three sections, totalling 4.6 km, of the viaduct where work was needed.

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