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Contractors World International- 2017 Vol 8 No 2


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No: 2 2017

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No: 6 2016





Improving Safety at Savage River with Smart Technology

Grange Resources’ Savage River mine in Tasmania, Australia saw the opportunity to further safeguard its operators on site by equipping its mobile equipment with remote controls.

Implementing remote control technology has allowed Savage River’s operators to control machines from a safe location, away from potential hazards brought on by the frequent, heavy, rainfall experienced on site.

RCT’s relationship with Savage River began with the installation of the ControlMaster Line-of-Sight remotes on two of the site’s Caterpillar D10T dozers.

Pleased with the performance of the technology, the site then called upon RCT’s help to customise a Line-of-Sight package for their Hitachi EX1200 excavator which would allow them to interchange the excavator with a rock breaker attachment.

The excavator was being used to dig holes and trenches and perform batter scaling and the modification would see the machine being used for normal excavation works and for rock breaking if there was a blockage in the main crusher.

While RCT’s Custom department had completed this modification previously, it was the first time it had applied the technology and functionality onto a mobile piece of equipment.

Savage River’s Mobile Maintenance Manager Greg Ling said:

RCT was very professional and came up with a package that suited our requirements. Combining the two attachments on the one machine allows the site to increase productivity as there’s no need to change machines

RCT’s expertise were also called upon to develop and install a remote package to Savage River’s Hitachi EX1900 excavator used for the larger jobs on site in areas that were not safely accessible for operators.

By installing remotes on mobile machinery such as excavators, it removes operators from the cab of a machine operating in a potentially dangerous environment and allows the site to continue to work efficiently.

RCT Smart Technology


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