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Contractors World International- 2017 Vol 8 No 2


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No: 2 2017

No: 1 2017

No: 6 2016






   Intelligent Execution Using
   Cobiax Slab Technology

The application of the patented Cobiax slab technology has optimised notable projects for stationary traffic in Germany: the expansion of the underground garage at the Universitätsklinikum (University Clinic) and the multi-storey car park in the Glücksteinquartier (Glückstein quarter).

On both of these projects by the same client and operator, the municipal Mannheimer Parkhausbe-triebe GmbH (MPB), the slab technology by Cobiax was used to optimise both constructional measures and utilisation parameters.

Regarding the construction, amongst other things the depth of the foundations was reduced in the underground garage extension at the Universitätsklinikum, and the parking level plane was aligned with the existing underground garage.

In the current construction work on the multi-storey car park in the Glücksteinquartier, the span widths, the specified clear headroom and column-free parking spaces simply demand use of the Cobiax slab system.

At the same time, supplementary operator specifications for continuously level slab undersides without girders and offsets in ceiling heights are thus fulfilled.

The Universitätsklinikum in Mannheim has improved the parking space situation for patients, visitors and employees on the Theodor-Kutzer-Ufer through the extension of the existing underground garage.

Across a base area of approximately 3,000 m², a 2-storey underground garage with 170 vehicle parking spaces has been created. The extension construction has been connected with the existing under-ground garage via ramps.

Through the use of the two Cobiax void former Types E270 and E360 across 4,400 m² slab areas, the parking bays could be realised with a comfortable width of 2.50 m and a continuous clear headroom height of 2.25 m.

For underground garage users and the operators, the reduction of the column constructions pays off in multiple ways.

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