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Contractors World International- 2017 Vol 8 No 2


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No: 2 2017

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No: 6 2016





Plant & Equipment



BSP Exhibits World Proven Piling Solutions

BSP International Foundations (BSP)whose products are in demand throughout the UK and around the world recently exhibited their capabilities.

Their products may not feature advanced electronics and hydraulic systems: they have shown that these are not necessary. Pile drivers want a solution that is simple, adaptable to different criteria, and efficient and that is what the current BSP range offers.

Pride of place was the DX impact piling hammer which has been developed and manufactured to drive steel tubular piles to support electrification stanchions, gantries and other railway projects requiring foundation piling.

The hammer has been specifically designed as an attachment for mounting on road/rail hydraulic excavators with an operating weight of around 30 t and a hydraulic oil flow of 140 litres per minute.

Three models are available, which offer dropweights of 1.5 t, 2.0 t and 3 t respectively.

Maximum impact energy is 20 kNm, 25 kNm and 30 kNm while blow rate for all the both models is 80 blows per minute.

One of the company’s smaller piling hammers for civil engineering projects, an SL30, was on display with a wide leg assembly for driving “Z” piles in pairs. The hammer has a drop weight of 2.5 t, an impact energy of 30 kNm and a blow rate of 84 blows per minute.

The SL piling hammer is designed for driving sheet piles and small bearing piles of concrete, steel or timber. It is available with legs and inserts for use freely suspended or with backguides for operating from a piling mast.

Also on display was the BH120 - a small piling hammer specifically designed for mounting on backhoe loaders.

The hammer is compact, versatile and is suitable for driving small sheet piles, small bearing piles of wood, concrete and steel as well as general post driving. With an operating weight (with leader) of 750 kg, the BH120 has a basic length of 1.5m and a width 0.35 m.

Hydraulic power requirement is 20 litres to 40 litres per minute at 160 bar regulated by an integrated valve.

BSP International Foundations


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