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Contractors World International- 2017 Vol 8 No 2


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No: 2 2017

No: 1 2017

No: 6 2016





Plant & Equipment

Doosan DX225LC-5 Excavator - continued

Among these features is the new ‘Trip Meter Setting’ screen which allows operators to check fuel consumption daily.

The new cab is bigger than that in the previous DX225LC-3 and has been further refined for outstanding operator comfort and ease of operation.

The operator can select 10 pre-set configurations for attachments and hydraulic flow and pressure data can be pre-selected directly from the control panel, allowing a quick change of attachments without the need for a manual set-up.

Doosan Bobcat

Adaptable Dumper/Self-Loading Concrete Mixer - Carmix

Adaptable Dumper/Self-Loading Concrete Mixer

Carmix Dumper D6 is the off-road dumper by Metalgalante Carmix that for the simplest to the most demanding jobsite requirements.

This 4X4X4 dumper features a specially sized chassis for off-road operations, can climb up to 30% slopes and travel smoothly on dirt roads as well as in quarries or opencast and underground mines.

It has a 6000 litres loading capacity thanks to a heavy duty rock type bucket with two-cylinder hydraulic dump box. The engine supplied, a 4-cylinder Perkins Turbo of 83 kW (111 HP) power at 2300 rpm, guarantees high performance in all sorts of jobsites.

Maximum working safety and 360° visibility from the wide driving ROPS FOPS cab, closed on three sides, equipped with checking and block valves ensures maximum safety and protection to the operator. A reversible driving seat with automatic inversion of hydraulic circuit affords perfect visibility of movements at site.

From dumper to a self-loading concrete mixer

Transformation of the Dumper D6 occurs quickly and easily by replacing the bin with a 3.5 m3 mixing unit.

Connections, engine, pumps and hydraulic controls are contained in the chassis. This highly versatile solution allows one machine to be used for two different purposes.

Metalgalante Carmix

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