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Innovative Slope Management Concept - continued

A separate production platform had been designed for the assembly of the 14 reinforcement bins, each weighing around 50 tonnes

A separate production platform had been designed for the assembly of the 14 reinforcement bins, each weighing around 50 tonnes

After excavation of a 20 m deep excavation, the milling work for a total of 14 slit walls began. With a milling unit on a rope excavator, it was possible to first dig up to 26 m deep slots in the rock.

Then, for each of the 1 m wide and approximately 10 m long slots, huge reinforcement baskets were lifted with extreme precision in the confined space and the location.

The excavation site is located right in the centre of Zurich so extra restrictions and precautions had to be implement to enable the work to continue with minimum inconvenience and, of course, safety.

A separate production platform was designed for the assembly of the 14 reinforcement bins (often referred to as lamellas), each weighing around 50 tonnes. Each lamella was finally filled with approximately 270 m³ of concrete.

In the spring of 2018, the 14 slit walls will be pre-stressed and piece by piece the slope support structure erected. At the same time, the shell of the new development and laboratory building will begin.

The pre-stressed slot walls, which are arranged perpendicular to the slope, will in the future form the lower part of the safety system, which is supplemented in the upper part by a non-positively connected in-situ concrete vault.

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