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Technology Aids
Severe Weather Warning

The number of extreme weather related incidents appear to be increasing each year, worldwide. Whether these are the result of climate change or not is not relevant here, however, being able to more accurately predict such events will enable organisations to be implement planning and readiness.

While we have little control over climatic conditions, authorities and organisation can, with the earliest warning, ensure that existing measures such as used for flood prevention, are maintained and, as appropriate strengthened.

Early intervention will not stop the weather but being better prepared can reduce impact, loss of life, structural damage, etc.

In the longer term, planning authorities have to revisit and amend regulations on flood prevention and other areas such as building regulations.

There were many examples of the difference during the course of Hurricane Irma. One of the strongest hurricanes ever measures, some islands suffered 95% structural damage, whereas others, with more rigorously enforced hurricane building regulations were better able to cope.

Wind and rain are two extremes but there are other events of nature as was illustrated in the recent Mexico earthquake where some building could withstand extreme ground movements whereas others could not.

Extreme Weather Awareness

Fortunately, as a result of research and development in such scientific ventures as the International Space Station and satellite technology, significant advances have been made in technology to enable better measurement of weather phenomena.

This data can be then be used in combination with devices meausring changing in water depths and flow in streams, rivers, drains, etc.

Better measurement means better readiness to cope. The hurricane season is advanced, the monsoon season is over and now Europe prepares for the inevitable storms that are a prelude to the onset of winter.

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