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Technology Aids Severe Weather Warning - continued


As a result, Nigel Grimsley, Managing Director of OTT Hydrometry (UK) is urging those responsible for flood prevention and management to take action now to ensure they are protected before the arrival of the inevitable severe weather.

Saturated soil and blocked channels contribute to the severity of flooding, but in many cases it is the location and intensity of rainfall that contributes to the speed with which flooding occurs.
   Early warning of intense rainfall events or blocked channels is therefore essential. Recent advances in technology mean that it is now relatively simple and low cost to set up advanced warning systems so that appropriate measures can be taken quickly and effectively.
   The early implementation of prevention and mitigation measures provides essential protection for valuable assets.
   For example, on a small scale, we have installed water level monitors in village streams that are prone to flooding during intense rain or when channels become blocked.
   On a larger scale, we have supplied 153 monitoring stations for the Harris County Flood Warning System in Texas, where flooding represents a major threat to life and property, so early warning of intense rainfall and rising water levels provide opportunities for mitigation and where necessary, evacuation.

24/7 Surveillance

OTT’s latest flood warning systems provide easy access to monitoring data from PCs and smartphones. However, crucially, they are also able to automatically issue text or email alarms when rainfall or water levels approach dangerous levels, so that timely action can be taken.

Feature-packed ‘Hydromet Cloud’

Further development by the OTT Hydromet Group has seen the development of a new web-based data management service for remote monitoring stations.

Nigel Grimsley says:

Hydromet Cloud represents a step-change in data management. Subscribers to this new service are provided with fast, simple access to both live and historical data, which opens new opportunities for exploiting the value of ‘Big Data’.

Packed with new features and highly cost-effective, the system provides users with easy access to secure data from field monitoring sites at any time and from almost anywhere via the internet or the Hydromet Cloud mobile app. Typical applications include hydrology, meteorology and water quality.

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