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Worldwide Panorama

JASO Cranes Hit The Skyline In Canberra



JASO Cranes Hit The Skyline In Canberra

The construction company, GEOCON, has chosen JASO cranes for the urban development of Canberra
It is already very common to see JASO cranes in Australia, as construction companies around the country recognise the benefits the range of models offers.

Currently, GEOCON is constructing imposing buildings that offer a new standard of contemporary dwelling in the capital, Canberra

A J600 and a J280PA are working shoulder to shoulder on this project. On one hand, they are using a high-load capacity J600 and 80 m crane jib, and on the other, a J280PA.

This crane also has a high-load capacity but when taken out of service it does not overfly more than 21 m, thus avoiding interference with buildings close to the jobsite itself.

A feature of JASO cranes that the Australian market finds attractive is the performance of the JASO-TITAN twin hoist.

JASO Cranes

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