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Editorial Planning


Contractors World e-magazines have a very flexible approach to editorial believing that reports from construction sites and new plant and equipment should be given priority as and when they are announced.

This ensures the most up to date editorial. However, some preplanning is required. The following is a guideline but is subject to change at very short notice depending on events within the industry of the type of editorial contributions we welcome.

KEYWORDS: innovation - technology - environment - hybrid - productivity - efficiency

  • diesel engine developments and alternatives
  • reducing material to landfill
  • engineering solutions that increase productivity or greater economies
  • technology to aid productivity
  • building systems
  • alternative materials


Enable Readers To Contact You Direct

Each editorial item ends with a list of companies featured. These provide a link by default to company contact details in our buyers guide. (Address, telephone, fax, email via form, etc.)

Companies can opt to activate these links to send readers to their web site. There is a charge of £70 per issue (£195.00 for 12 months*) to activate reader enquiry links at the end of editorial articles and include logo with full contact details in Companies Featured Directory as well as activating the links to email and web in the buyers guide for 12 months.

Up to the end of October 2017, Contractors World e-magazines had generated over 1,000,000 clicks to the 947 companies featured.

* This option does not guarantee editorial as this is selected on the basis of relevance to the magazine and reader interest.



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