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Advertising Media Kit


Material required by 1st of month of publication.

Artwork to be supplied as low resolution trimmed PDF unsecured.

Allow minimum of 10 mm border for text.

No type should be smaller than 14pt otherwise it can be difficult to read when scaled on some devices.

With advertising material, clearly indicate links and where to be positioned.

DO NOT EMBED links into PDF material as this could cause problems during the various conversion stages

Issue Bleed TYPE AREA 
Full Page 1200 px x 960 px
254 mm x 203 mm
10.0” x 8.0”
1080 px x 840 px
228 mm x 178 mm
9.0” x 7.0”
Half Page Vertical 1200 px x 600 px
254 mm x 127 mm
10.0” x 5.0"
1080 px x 420 px
228 mm x 89 mm
9.0” x 3.5”
Half Page Horizontal 600 px x 960 px
127 mm x 203 mm
5.0” x 8.0”
540 px x 840 px
114 mm x 178 mm
4.5 ” x 7.0”
Quarter Page Vertical 1200 px x 240 px
254 mm x 50 mm
10.0” x 2.0”
1080 px x 210 px
228 mm x 44 mm
9.0” x 1.75”
Quarter Page Horizontal 300 px x 960 px
64 mm x 203 mm
2.5 ” x 8.0”
280 px x 840 px
58 mm x 178 mm
2.3 ” x 7.0”
Quarter Page Square not available 540 px x 420 px
114 mm x 89 mm
4.5” x 3.5”

Contractors World will take closest equivalent size for American page sizes and adapt to best fit.
Where any modification is made, a proof page will be provided for acceptance
prior to publication

Advertising Terms & Conditions All advertising orders are subject to VVV Ltd terms and conditions with any disputes assessed according to the laws of the United Kingdom and Northern Ireland. Editorial is assessed on reader value and cannot be part of any advertising contract or guaranteed under any circumstance.



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