UK: Launching today – UK & Ireland edition of Contractors World

Launch cover of Contractors World – UK & Ireland Edition

Today see’s the launch of CONTRACTORS WORLD – UK & Ireland Edition.
Readers can register for free copies (by email) here

The publishers of Contractors World Magazines have taken this decision because of the closure of important magazines over the past 2 years – free to subscribe magazines such as Contract Journal, Plant Managers Journal, SEM – Site Equipment Manager, PHE – Plant Hire Executive in the UK.

The loss of these magazines means that until now, there was little in the way of FREE to read publication for the construction and related industries written specifically for the UK and Irish markets.

Roger Lindley, publisher, says “Since we first announced that we were considering such a move, we have been greatly encouraged by the positive response we have received. So much so, that although we are starting with bi-monthly issues, it is anticipated that it will be monthly in the third quarter of this year.”

Contractors World – UK & Ireland will follow the established, unique style – three formats to enable easy reading on virtually any internet connected device or PDF reader.

  • A digital flipping format that has full search facilities, bookmarking, printing and sharing features.
  • A enhanced PDF format for downloading and reading off-line. ¬†With the latest version of Adobe Reader, there is now video content included within the file.
  • A basic web page format for reading on mobile phones, PDAs, blackberrys, etc.

Contractors World Magazines have seen constant growth in reader number and page views as people learn to appreciate the convenience and ease of reading magazines on line. Over 80% of registered readers are Senior Managers who, on average look at over 20 pages per visit.
This is proof that digital magazines are being read – unlike many printed magazines that sit in a pile on a desk waiting to be read.