Alimak Hek success at Bauma 2013

Bauma 2013 was a great success for Alimak Hek.

During the show, Alimak Hek received orders for 20 construction hoist units for Brazil and are in final negotiation for an additional 30 hoist cars to the market that can all be traced back to Bauma. Furthermore, the company sold more than 10 transport platforms to Germany and the Middle East. Alimak Hek received inquiries for over 130 construction hoists from Latin American visitors and over 50 transport platforms and mast climbing work platforms from visitors that came from all around the world.

20 construction hoists on order for Brazil

During the event the company secured an order for 20 ALIMAK SC 45 FC construction hoists for a rental fleet owner in Brazil. All units have 60 meters mast height with an expected delivery during June. With this investment, the customer will become the third largest hoist fleet owner in Brazil, with less than one year in business with Alimak Hek.

Final negotiations are also underway on additionally 35 hoist units for customers in Brazil, Panama, Colombia and Argentina.

Further inquiries

This year was a record year for Alimak Hek with a high number of visitors from Latin America during the Bauma show. During the exhibition, the company received enquiries for over 130 construction hoists from Brazil, Colombia, Panama, Mexico, Argentina, Peru, Chile and Uruguay.

Several transport platforms on order for Germany

Many visitors from Germany and Switzerland were interested in the Hek TPL´s, Hek mast climbing work platforms and Alimak hoists. This gave Alimak Hek the ability to offer Hek TPLs during Bauma to customers from Augsburg, Bayreuth, Berlin, Bühlertann, Dortmund, Elchingen, Hegau, Karlsruhe and Neckarwestheim as well as Eppingen, Alimak Hek´s entity in Germany.

Enquiries came mostly from scaffolding, rental, facade and construction companies – and directly after Bauma several German customers bought the HEK TPL 500. Due to this success, new TPL 500 machines have been manufactured and are already on their way to Germany. Also the new HEK TPL Twin-range will be available in Germany soon; the first phase consisting of TPL 2000 and TPL 2000 D (the transversal “Durchlader”-version).

A container of TPL´s in order for Saudi Arabia

Alimak Hek´s distributor in Saudi Arabia, Al Maymanah For Trading placed an order for seven (7) HEK TPL 500 units with mast height of 10.5 meters. The order is specifically targeted to supply machines to the growing housing accommodation projects arising in KSA.

These machines are partially sold into the market and partially stocked. More machine orders are expected to match the growing demand from the market.

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