Liebherr Begins Construction of Component Manufacturing Branch in Southern Germany

1184In August 2013, Liebherr-Components Biberach GmbH began building an additional plant in Biberach an der Riss (Baden-Württemberg). The development and manufacture of switchgear and also electric motors and generators, currently functions of the company’s existing factory in Biberach, are to be relocated to the new site. With the branch, Liebherr-Components Biberach GmbH will have the additional capacity necessary to meet the growing demand of these products in the long term.

Measuring 14.5 ha, the site in Biberach an der Riss will initially have two production halls built on it, each with a surface area of over 10,000 m². Another building that combines the two halls will offer a floor space of about 4500 m² for a showroom and communal facilities, among other things. Moreover, an office building with four floors and a usable area of over 7,200 m² will be constructed. There are also plans for a combined heat and power plant to cover the basic energy requirements for the production halls. Capacities to extend the factory have already been taken account of in the site and building plans.

The branch is to commence production by the end of 2014. According to current planning, investment in the building project is expected to amount to 50 million euros. For the development and manufacture of switchgear as well as electric motors and generators, Liebherr-Components Biberach GmbH employs at present about 150 members of staff who will move to the new site. In the long term, the number of employees in these areas is to increase.