CHINA: Big crane order for Terex

Terex Cranes has signed a contract with China National Chemical Engineering Co. Ltd. (CNCEC) for the delivery of 41 cranes.

This is the largest order received by Terex Cranes in China to date. The contract covers 7 Terex AC350/6 all terrain cranes in the 350-tonne class and 34 Terex® Changjiang truck cranes with capacities ranging from 25 tons to 130 tons.

Delivery of the cranes is scheduled between the 4th quarter of 2010 and March 2011.

CNCEC leaders said they chose Terex to supply these cranes based on their reputation for quality and performance. The new cranes will strengthen the company’s position in bidding for domestic and international projects.

“With this significant contract, we hope to establish a long-term strategic partnership with CNCEC,” said Thomas Veith, Sales Director China & Asia, Terex Cranes.

Terex Changjiang Truck Cranes

With capacity classes ranging from 8 to 130 t Terex Changjiang offers one of the most complete lines of truck cranes available.  All  are designed to be fully highway compliant for easy transport from job-to-job.

Manufactured in Luzhou, China, they have a history of meeting customer needs for rugged reliable machines and offer the lifting power required for demanding industrial jobs. All models utilize fully hydraulic telescopic booms.

The operator cab is fitted with ergonomically positioned controls that allow precise control of all boom, winch and slew movements. It offers a comfortable working environment to keep the operator fresh and productive from one job to the next.

The Terex AC 350/6

With a total length of only 16.7 (54.8 ft) meters, the AC 350/6 is a compact mobile crane in the 350-tonne (386 US ton) capacity class. This model can be used throughout an extraordinarily wide range: in the class of less than 220 tonnes (242 US tons), with a partial counterweight, as an alternative to medium and large 5-axle mobile cranes. In the 200 – 350 tonne (220 – 386 US ton) range, it is the most powerful crane available at this time, both regarding its main boom and its different extensions.

Even jobs for a 400-tonne (440 US ton) class crane can be taken on with this machine – a territory that generally belongs to much larger cranes. For example, the AC350/6 reaches the performance of a 400-tonne (440 US ton) class mobile crane with its extraordinarily large lifting capacity, with a telescoped boom length of approximately 60m (197 ft), or with its impressive maximum system length of 125.7m (412.4 ft).

A compact chassis and speed-dependent rear axle steering enable the crane to work with remarkably small turn radii. In addition, the fact that the AC 350/6 is the only 350-tonne (386 US ton) capacity class unit with a front overhang shorter than two meters (6.6 ft) means that it can be operated without additional escort personnel in a number of different countries.

Additional attachments can be loaded onto conventional trucks within a width of 2.55 m (8.4 ft).