Topcon Europe Positioning B.V. announces a new German distribution company – Topcon Deutschland Positioning GmbH

“We have joined IBS GmbH and Topcon Deutschland GmbH, two strong sales and support organisations, with more than 50 years combined leadership, and created a leading solutions company in the German geo-positioning and construction market,” said Jim Paetz, EVP, global retail group, Topcon Positioning Group and MD, Topcon Europe Positioning.

”This founding indicates a new era for Topcon in Germany with a clear focus and a strong and dedicated team. The new organisation is able to support our customers directly from offices spread throughout the country. The head office is in Hamburg and we have offices in Essen, Frankfurt, Hannover, Karlsruhe and Munich.” Paetz continued, “Our targets and goals for Germany are challenging and the market drive for positioning solutions have indicated the need for organisational changes.

Andreas Velten, managing director general business for Topcon Deutschland Positioning said, “Along with the company change we have also strengthened our management team. We are proud to announce the appointment of Andreas Strunk as managing director for sales (geopositioning and construction). He brings 25 years of industry experience into our organisation”.

Andreas Strunk has a long history in the industry and is a well-known entrepreneur in the positioning business. He was one of the two owners of former Trimble distributor S+H in the north of Germany. After Trimble’s takeover he worked as consultant in our industry for various companies. He has now decided to take a new challenge to expand the positioning business in Germany.

“Both of the Andreas’ will be effective as of today in their new roles. Andreas Strunk for sales overall and Andreas Velten for general business. I have no doubts they will be successful,” Paetz said.