Miller UK invests for the future

Mike Askew and Brendan Quill join Miller’s Executive team (L to R)

Mike Askew and Brendan Quill join Miller’s Executive team (L to R)

The very successful manufacturing company, Miller UK,  is investing heavily to enhance production processes and product availability in preparation for global expansion over the next decade.

Miller UK is already a world leader in the design and manufacture of attachments for earthmoving equipment and has recently launched a range of hydraulic breakers to its product line.

To achieve its ambition growth plans, the company’s executive team has been strengthened with the strategic appointments of Group Managing Director, Mike Askew and Global Sales and Marketing Director, Brendan Quill.

Keith Miller, Chairman said:

“We have come a very long way in the last 36 years but for the company to be a true world player it needs someone to take control of the operational function so that we, the shareholders can step back and examine where we are going in the medium-long term.

“New MD Mr Askew has a background in Mechanical Engineering and brings with him substantial hands-on experience of large-scale industrial production.

“My initial focus has been to review our business processes, and make changes that allow us to better serve our customers in the growing economies we operate in. We have invested in new equipment to improve manufacturing processes, as well as purchasing a facility just outside London to service and support our Southern customer base.

“Mr Quill brings with him a wealth of experience; in particular working with International OEMs.

“After speaking to a number of our customers, it was apparent that product lead-times had been an issue during a recent increase in demand across the industry. Our business is cyclical; therefore we are making significant investments in stock over the winter months so that we will be in great shape for the new buying season in early 2015.”