German Rental Company, Beyer-Mietservice, Invests in 50 New Maeda Mini Cranes

The German rental company, Beyer-Mietservice has placed an order for the latst generation of Maeda Mini Cranes to expand the range of products in this area and make,  Beyer-Mietservice one of the largest rental operations outside Japan for mini cranes.

Optimally positioned, the European-wide  rental company can meet the requirements of different industries and target groups. Beyer-Mietservice offers a complete mini crane technology supported with factory-trained employees with specialist knowledge in customer service and understanding. This creates an exceptional know-how with individual services and helps differentiates the Beyer Rental operation.

Dieter Beyer says:

“This skill is available to all kinds of end users for mini cranes. Any customer from the glazing business to a local locksmith can benefit from the unique advantages of long-term experience and the efficiency of a complete range of services.”

Everything from one source is not only a slogan, but a corporate philosophy. This includes continuing to expand the range of products in all areas such as transport capacity and the qualified customer advice and support.

The extensive crane service the company offers through its own workshops also include the safety-related UVV inspection and / or regular maintenance of customer-specific mini cranes.

Christer Dijnér, Managing Director of AB Kranlyft, the European Master Distributor for Maeda (Sweden), handed over of the extensive crane package from Sweden to the headquarters of the rental company base in Roth-Heckenhof, Westerwald, Germany.

“It is rental companies such as Beyer that help us develop, not only the mini crane market, but also the product itself,”

says Christer Dijnér and refers to the feedback he is getting from this user.

The package of cranes now bought consist of a mix of MC104, MC285, MC405, LC383, LC1385 and the new MK1033 knuckleboom model.

“The goal of our partnership and active cooperation is to gather important information and customer feedback, and to pass to the manufacturer”

says Dijnér.

“A lot of new features learned from service experience of the customers have been incorporated into the development of cranes. The only way to get user-friendly products designed to meet market expectations is to listen to customers like Beyer.”

Beyer’s full product range offers all existing optional extra accessories, such as glass suction attachments at the boom tip. The increased versatility and flexibility of compact cranes is developed through all these options.

The new mini crane package will be spread throughout the different Beyer depots in the German market.