Wacker Neuson and Caterpillar to end strategic alliance for mini hydraulic excavators under three tons operating weight in 2018


Wacker Neuson has today announced that it has been agreed to terminate the strategic alliance for mini-hydraulic excavators that it has with Caterpillar since 2010 under a joint agreement.   In 2010, Wacker Neuson and Caterpillar entered into a strategic alliance which saw Wacker Neuson developing and producing mini hydraulic excavators under three tons operating weight exclusively for Caterpillar.  They do not give any reason for the ending of the alliance.  However, Roger Lindley, editor of Contractors World International has commented on what appear to identical products presented in each company’s corporate colours.   (See article “Are Power Packs the Future for Compact Equipment?” page 46 where mini-excavators with a power pack are featured with virutally identical photographs for Caterpillar and Wacker Neuson.)   However,  the  statement says under the origianl alliance that Wacker Neuson would produce models  ‘exclusively for Caterpillar’.     Although there are many examples of identical products being produced under different brand names, it must be a confusing situation for customers who surely will compare prices when budgets are under strain?

Caterpillar will now develop its own in-house range of mini-excavators although Wacker Neuson will continue to produce some models until the end of 2019 as part of an on-going OEM supply relationship.

The formal  alliance will come to an end in May 31 2018 so we can anticapte the main attraction at Bauma 2018 – a brand new family of Caterpillar mini-excavators.

Caterpillar plans to manufacture and market its own mini hydraulic excavators in future. Wacker Neuson will continue to manufacture selected mini excavator models until end of 2019 as part of an ongoing OEM supply relationship.

The Wacker Neuson Group will continue its international growth strategy, distributing its extensive product range of excavators from 0.8 to 14.5 tons operating weight via its global sales channels. Wacker Neuson will continue to focus on delivering innovative products that provide customers with even more value added.