Caterpillar To Build Own Range of Mini-Excavators

caterpillarCaterpillar has announced that, following the ending of the alliance with Wacker Neuson,the Building Construction Products Division will design and manufacture a new range of  mini-excavators under 3 tonnes , building on the proven attributes of the larger Cat mini excavators. Five of the current models (301.4C, 301.7D, 301.7D CR, 302.2D and 302.4D) manufactured by Wacker Neuson will phase out in mid-2018, and the 302.7D CR will phase out at the end of 2019. The 300.9D will also phase out at the end of 2019 or later if mutually agreed by both parties.

Korey Coon, general manager with responsibility for mini hydraulic excavators and small track-type tractors said:

“Wacker Neuson has been an excellent alliance partner, providing Caterpillar high quality mini excavators in this smaller size class for the past several years.  The market for these products has grown, and we believe that internally designing, manufacturing and distributing these excavators will provide an even higher value to our customers, dealers and shareholders.”