SPAIN: AUSA closes the first half of the year with very positive results

The Spanish company, AUSA, closes the first half of 2011 showing growth across all its business indicators. Exports are the main driving force behind this growth and account for 72.8% of total sales. Turnover is also up, as are orders for all product lines, in particular the Taurulift range, which recorded an increase in sales of 71%.

The first half of the year showed clear signs of its business strength and the added value it provides to its clients. The company has sidestepped the crisis through innovative and extremely effective strategies, focused on products and sales management, and a firm commitment to internationalisation. As a result of these sound strategies, the company has increased exports by 82% in the last 5 years. It has also maintained its leading position in the international market for sales of all-terrain forklifts while moving closer to market leadership in specific segments of other product sectors.

First-half exports in 2011 grew by 58% with respect to the same period in 2010. Turnover is up 35.2% and there has been an overall increase in orders of 42%, with a significant rise in orders from the Americas and the Middle East. There has also been a substantial increase in gross margin. According to AUSA Sales Manager, Josep Soler, this is due to “greater control of operations and a new incentive system for sales representatives. The increase in margin allied to improved cost control with respect to 2010 has resulted in positive results for the company”.

Spanish company Ausa defies recession as it reports increased exports

Increased exports

The 58% increase in exports has been the main driving force behind the growth in the first half of the year. Exports in this period accounted for a record 72.8% of total sales, 10.5% more than in the same period of 2010. The rise in exports was across the board, with increases of 58.3% in France, 87.7% in Germany and 53.8% in other countries.

Turnover from outside Europe was up 55.3% and now accounts for 14% of total AUSA turnover. Particularly noteworthy was the rise in turnover from the Americas and the Middle East. The increase in Africa was more moderate, due to the crisis in North African countries. Oceania is the only region to register a fall in turnover, though there has been a significant increase in the number of orders.

More Orders

The sales activity of the company has led to a sharp increase of 42% in the number of orders. As is the case with turnover, there was greater growth in orders from outside Europe and these accounted for 20% of total orders. While orders from Europe, including Spain, were up 33%, orders from outside Europe grew by some 95%, with spectacular increases in orders from the Americas, Asia and the Middle East, while orders from Africa and Oceania increased more moderately.

Increase in sales across all product lines.

The first half of 2011 saw sales increases in all product ranges and lines. Within the industrial range, greatest growth was registered by the Taurulift line. Turnover for this line grew by 71% and orders were up by 95% with respect to 2010. This spectacular increase was attributable to the launch of new models: the T144H, T306H and T307H, and most particularly, the Taurulift T144H.

The latter has enjoyed great market success, with record launch sales, according to company sources. Sales of dumpers have continued to rise in the period by 48%, while forklift sales were up 30%. Sales of AUSA Trading products increased by 19%, while spare parts sales rose by 13%.
The sales of the URBAN range were also up significantly (39%), thanks to greater geographic diversification and the wider product offer provided by the introduction of the M200H, W200H and B200H models. While 2010 sales of this range were mainly within the Spanish market (82%), the first six months of 2011 has seen increases in Germany, France, Holland and Romania, with a resulting reduction in the proportion of Spanish sales as a percentage of the total. A recent example of this increased foreign activity is the purchase of 12 Multiservice M200H vehicles by the City Council of Amsterdam.

Strength of market share in Spain

The Spanish market continues to be weak, and is down slightly even with respect to 2010. AUSA sales are down 2.5% on the same period last year within the context of an overall market decrease of 18%. The market has stagnated in Spain, but despite this fact,the company has recovered market share in the dumper sector .