Heli Increase Investment In Maeda Mini Cranes

Following the growing success of Maeda Mini Cranes within the construction industry and emerging markets, Maeda’s Belgium and French dealer Heli has decided to increase their investment in these machines and placed an order for 11 new Mini Cranes.

The order for 11 new Mini Cranes consists of
• 3 x MC285CRME
• 3 x MC305CRME
• 4 x MC405CRME
• 1 x LC785B

Eight machines are destined for the construction and housing industry, while a further three will be put into the sales department. Kranlyft have already delivered the first three cranes and the remainder will follow in the next few months. This major investment will aim to reduce the current delays faced by clients using these machines on their sites, as with the growing popularity of Maeda Mini Cranes within the industry demand is currently outstripping supply.

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