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Large Hitachi dump truck order for Indonesia

Fifty Hitachi EH5000ACII dump trucks are bound for Indonesia, following a large order by mining company Kaltim Prima Coal (KPC). There is already a fleet of 80 Hitachi EH4500 trucks working in KPC mines, as well as 12 EX3600-6 and six EX2500-6 excavators. The new Hitachi fleet is needed to meet the demands of a significant growth in production capacity.

KPC is owned by Bumi Resources, which has its headquarters in Jakarta and mines on the island of Kalimantan – in Sangatta and Bengalon – and two further sites in the south of the island. The company’s mining concession areas (Sangatta and Bengalon) have a current total production capacity of 40.3million tonnes and this is expected to grow to 80million in the next three years. Kalimantan is known for its rich natural resources, including gold and coal, as well as lush areas of rainforest. The mine itself covers 1,961km² and is situated near the coast, where it is well placed to serve its markets.