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introducing Cat Command for Dozing – remote control at your finger tips

Caterpillar introduces ‘Command for dozing’, an integrated remote control system for Cat® D10T and D11T Track-Type Tractors. Command for dozing enables remote, line-of-sight operation using a portable console, which allows the equipment operator to stay out of hazardous areas, such as under highwalls, near slides or pushing to underground feeders in stockpiles. The system enables mining and bulk materials handling operations to work safely, productively and economically in a broad range of applications.

Command for dozing differs from aftermarket add-on systems, because it is fully integrated with the Caterpillar designed components, systems and electronic control modules (ECM) used on the D10T and D11T. Integration reduces complexity and cost and enables the system to deliver higher performance, better reliability, longer life and enhanced safety. The system also allows using Autocarry and Auto Blade Assist for high productivity.