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ContiTech Continues to Grow

• Sales rise to around €5.4 billion in 2015, representing an increase of 37 percent
• Veyance contributes approximately €1.15 billion to total sales
• Fiscal 2016: successful start in a challenging environment

The international industrial and automotive supplier, ContiTech, increased its sales to around €5.4 billion in 2015. This equates to growth of 37 percent. Veyance Technologies Inc., which was acquired at the beginning of 2015, contributed roughly €1.15 billion to sales in total. This represents organic growth of 4 percent.

Wacker Neuson Group continues on growth path out of recession

Leading international light and compact equipment manufacturer the Wacker Neuson Group has reported record revenue and earnings for the first half of 2015 despite challenging regional market conditions. The Group remains committed to its forecast for 2015.

Record six months in 2015

Revenue for the first half of 2015 increased 14 percent relative to the prior-year period to EUR 706.4 million (+8 percent when adjusted to discount currency effects) and thus reached a new record high for the period (H1/14: EUR 620.0 million).

Liebherr Group’s turnover in the 2014 business year reaches a total of Euro 8,823 million

Against a background of moderate international economic development, Liebherr recorded a slight change in turnover for the 2014 business year, with a total of 8,823 million €, 1.6 % (141 million €) below the previous year’s figure.

The international economic situation continued to recover in 2014, though to different extents from one country to another. Global economic growth for the year was 3.4 %. At +1.8 % compared with the previous year, the dynamism of the developed national economies slightly increased. Economic growth dropped slightly in emerging markets, with growth of 4.6 % in the past year compared with 5.0 % in 2013.

Haulotte Group Financials Show Reason to be Optimistic

The French Comnpany, Haulotte Group, has published its financial results for 2014. In the report, the company says that during 2014 the global market for aerial work platforms saw growth in all continents except Latin America. Against this background, Haulotte Group saw revenue growth of 20% between 2013 and 2014, due to Asia-Pacific area (+33%),Europe (+29%) and North America (+28%).

Excluding forex gains and losses, current operating income from continuing operations amounted to 7.7% of revenue against 5.2% for fiscal 2013. The increase is mainly due to:

• the impact of additional volumes on gross margin,
• improved performance of industrial operations,
• an increase in contribution from service activities.

Komatsu reports nets sales up 28.7%

Komatsu Ltd. has announced its business results for the fiscal year ended March 31, 2011.

During the fiscal year under review, Komatsu recorded consolidated net sales of JPY1,843.1 billion (USD22,206 million, at USD1=JPY83), up 28.7% from the previous fiscal year. While the Japanese currency appreciated sharply against key currencies, the company did incur a loss resulting from the damages by the Great East Japan Earthquake and the subsequent tsunami.